We offer huge range of services to our clients, the most popular of which are listed below:


  • Still the best way to make contact, we talk to people.


  • When we need to send out information quickly and efficiently to our database of over 8,000 contacts, sending by email is the best way to do it.


  • If a hardcopy is the only way, we send it via special delivery and follow it up with a call.


  • We upload your tracks and videos to our website and soundcloud pages for download.

Social Networking

  • Facebook / Twitter / Website, we build your site/page and regularly update it for you with news and info, we respond to all comments/messages and work hard to increase your followers and likes.


  • T Shirts, Badges, Lighters, Stickers; you name it we can print it.


  • Every 3 months we run competitions to win tickets to gigs, CD’s, signed band/artist memorabilia.



We can spread your message to all corners of the Music Industry.

Radio Stations/ DJ’s

  • National Radio – There are hundreds of radio stations all over the UK waiting to hear new music. We use our contacts to get your music into their hands and into the ears of music lovers all over the country. This is a brilliant way of expanding and generating a wider fan base/sales etc.
  • Local Radio – Whether you have a small or large local following  and are looking to branch out to wider regions, you must keep the buzz in your local area and around your local fans. Depending on your activity as artists, with new releases/tour dates/videos etc., Big Bear PR offers the chance to be on your local radio stations and make sure those fans know what’s coming and to spread the word.
  • University/College Radio – University/College Radio stations are fantastic for new artists to gain a young demographic following and continuous airplay/interviews. They’re also a great chance to get involved in all of the student upcoming events playing to large capacity crowds which would build your fan base and interest and an artist.
  • Sports Arenas Radio – Our goal is to secure pre-match, half-time and full-time airplay for our clients, ensuring maximum exposure for releases at sports venues across the country. We have an extensive contact list consisting of stadium DJs and music coordinators from across the UK, enabling us to get your music heard by the people who matter when it comes to securing airplay at venues.
  • TV – Our database contains in excess of 70 national, regional and international TV news broadcast organisations across the UK. From local BBC and ITV news organizations, BBC National News, ITN, Channel 4, SKY News, Channel 5, Reuters and CNN through to a variety of diverse lifestyle entertainment TV programmes and production companies.

Music Press

  • Print – With over 1,500 national and regional newspapers and correspondents based in the UK, and in excess of 600 consumer glossy magazines, we have unrivalled access to the printed press. We work closely with feature editors, journalists, freelancers, columnists and  fashion directors, to ensure high profile coverage for our clients.
  • Online – As a serious artist, getting publicity and exposure in online webzines is a must. It can generate sales increases, have a huge impact on your fan base and interest from other musicians /promoters/managements etc. within the music industry. If you can keep your activity high, you can be featured in hundreds of music press webzines over the UK time and time again, which can bring huge recognition from around the industry.

Record Labels

  • An artist/band want nothing more than a record deal and we completely understand how challenging it is to get one. However, regardless of it being challenging, it still is very achievable. We have many contacts within this sector of the music industry, and we do our very best to get your records listened to. We send full press kits, physically and digitally, and chase this up with telephone calls to discover interest and obtain reviews.


  • Whether you wish to work with a booking agent, promoter or directly with the venue to book your upcoming tour or gig, Big Bear PR have contacts within countless venues from every area in UK. Knowing a large variety of venues around the UK is crucial if you’re trying progress as an artist; you can’t play in the same venue week after week thinking you’re going to make a massive impact on the industry. It is important to communicate with fans/music lovers to get your name to the masses and achieve the success you can. Big Bear PR offer hundreds of different venues for artists to play; you never know who could be watching.
  • If you are currently in the process of organizing a tour then Big Bear PR can help fill in dates, provide a van route and help book transport and accommodation.

Endorsements/ Sponsorships

  • We submit all artists/bands we represent for endorsements and sponsorships. These include clothing companies, equipment manufacturers and drinks companies. It’s a great way of advertising and helps you to increase your profile to a whole new fanbase.